Ways to sell your house or apartment more quickly

How long have you taken your apartment to sell and there is no way? Do not get overwhelmed, because it’s not easy. As in everything, you need to start some tricks that you will see that depersonalize your home and at the same time allow potential buyers when they go to see it living inside.

Do a thorough general cleaning

It’s not about making a quick passage because you’re totally off the floor, but you have to think about the last time you clean your house and that will motivate you to dedicate time and over you will surely find things that you have been missing for a long time.

Depersonalize it

Remove the photos and personal items so that potential buyers can be seen living there, and this is not only achieved with the cleaning of soap and water. Any detail that makes the buyer think that people have lived there and in the feeling of the four walls, less will be seen inside. This is an advantage that the brand new apartments have compared to the second-hand ones but … you can get this vacuum of personal items without having to empty the floor of all the furniture. Maybe this is an advantage you have with your second-hand apartment, because the one who enters can imagine what possibility of furniture and distribution space the house has.

Place a new doormat in the entrance

It is a small detail and very important at the same time, because it is the first thing that the prospective buyer will see of your home, and if it is new and clean your brain suggests the same for the interior of the house, it It is also very economical and certainly … is not very personalized.

Install maximum power bulbs to make your home shine

In addition to giving more space to each room, you can camouflage the fact that one of the rooms is something dark and the light gives life, and where there is life, there is joy, that gives a touch of joy to your home.

Paint the tile joints

It’s cheap and you’ll be surprised at the difference, because it gives the feeling of maximum cleanliness, being all new.