Tips to sell your house

The most convenient way to sell your apartment is to use a real estate agency. Only the best professionals in the real estate sector can shorten the same period of a flat in our country, which is currently around nine months. If you are also thinking of selling your home, and you still do not know the steps you must take to speed up the process, at Gilmer we can help you. Take note of these ten tips we offer so you can sell your house in record time and at the best price.

Documentation in order

The first step you must take from the moment you make the decision to sell a flat is to gather all the documentation of the home to provide it to the buyer. If you have questions about which documents and writings are necessary or where to find them do not hesitate to consult with us!

Market analysis

The next step to sell a flat is to analyze the current situation of the real estate market to know what kind of buyers it is better to focus on the home you want to put on sale. Based on this analysis you can take the following steps that we will see below, such as setting the price, making reforms, or even adapting a marketing strategy to attract potential buyers.

Fix a price

Now it’s time to choose the price. For this, we will be guided by the state of the real estate market in which we want to sell. It is recommended that the price be set by the market, since a sale price above the housing possibilities could scare away future buyers and lose legitimacy.

Let your agency advice you at all times about the fairest price to sell the house according to the area, type and adjoining offers.

Personalized service

A real estate agency must always offer its customers a totally personalized service. Each home is totally different and that each vendor has its own needs, so we adapt to each project so that the sale of the home is made in the best way and in the shortest possible time.

New technologies

The use of new technologies is very important to accelerate the real estate purchase-sale process.

Time of sale

Adjust the term in which you want to make the sale of the apartment is also a rule of honor of any real estate. Check with your advisor what is the estimated time for the sale of the apartment and keep it in mind at all times throughout the process. Thanks to the changes that the real estate sector has undergone in our country in recent months, these waiting times to formalize the sale of a home are decreasing more and more.

Floor improvements

Let yourself be advised by your real estate agency to adapt the floor to new buyers, making it more attractive. In case it is necessary to make some reform, do not hesitate, since these small investments could increase the value of the house considerably and the net profits will be greater at the time of selling.

Order and cleaning

Once the process of selling the house begins, keep the order and cleanliness on the floor at each visit of the potential buyers. To sell a flat it is more advisable to teach it with furniture and furnishings inside, so that new tenants can get an idea of ​​the available space. Of course, we must also keep the space clear and orderly, so as not to cause the impression that the house is smaller than it really is.

Leave it to the agency

When making visits with potential buyers, always leave it to the agency. It is proven that buyers can be discouraged with housing more easily if the current owner is the one who shows them the house.