Tips to sell your house or apartment

Here are some tips that will help you prepare and organize a house or apartment for sale. Every seller wants to sell their property quickly and get the best possible price. That’s right, or not? But that does not happen by sheer luck. What transforms a potential buyer into “THE BUYER” is usually the result of careful planning coupled with professional knowledge of how to prepare your home or apartment to turn it into an attractive and salable property.

Consider the following:

  1. Disassociate from the house or apartment. Convince yourself: “This is not my property, it is a property, a product to be sold as a box of chocolate or a can of tuna in the supermarket.” Make the mental decision to “let go” in relation to your emotions and focus on the fact that soon this property will no longer be yours. Imagine yourself delivering the keys of the house to the new owners! Say goodbye to every corner of the house or apartment. Do not look back, look to the future.
  2. Be realistic about the price of your house or apartment. The buyers of today are very attentive to the sales of comparable properties in the same area, those sales of comparable properties are the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat determine the real value of their property. To make the price of your house or apartment competitive , try to get the sale prices of three similar properties that have been sold in your area in the last month, also visit comparable properties in your area and think that buyers will see your house or apartment, you will see the other apartments or houses for sale as well. Then adjust the sale price of your property considering the results obtained from your research. Properties with a realistic price are the ones that get more visits from buyers and, sometimes, even receive multiple offers.
  3. Depersonalize the property. Remove the objects with which potential buyers will not be able to identify themselves. For example: political and religious issues can disconnect or discourage whole groups of buyers, because you cannot “imagine” living in your home or apartment. Buying a house or apartment is an emotional decision, you need potential buyers to visualize your house or apartment as theirs, it is difficult for them with all their personal items such as ornaments and photos marking the territory as their own. The same with colors, if you use styles or colors that you have never chosen, you can disconnect or discourage potential buyers.
  4. Eliminate useless objects. Anything that you have not used in the last year has to go! This may be the hardest advice of all, because those things reflect our memories, hobbies and values, but they do not sell houses or apartments! Disorder makes spaces in houses and apartments seem smaller and more disorganized. If you do not need them, why not donate them or throw them away? Clean everything on the kitchen counters. Put essential items that are used daily in a small box that can be stored in a closet when not in use. Think of this process as a breakthrough in the packaging that you will eventually have to do anyway when moving home.
  5. They say that only one “first impression” can be created, and people usually make their first impression in 30 seconds. The front of your house or apartment is a good place to invest a little time and money; therefore, prepare the outside with fresh paint, sow flowers, carve the bushes and weeds, replace the property numbers if they are damaged. Make sure that visitors can clearly read the number of their house or apartment.
  6. If you do not think about redecorating, it is still essential that your house or apartment is impeccable, make it shine. Hiring a weekly cleaning service, while selling the property, is probably a very good investment. Wash the windows inside and out, clean the cobwebs, caulk the tubs, showers and sinks, polish chrome faucets and mirrors, clean the refrigerator, change the worn carpets, eliminate odors, etc…
  7. Do minor repairs. Do you have a leaky faucet or a broken tile? These would send the wrong message to potential buyers. Getting all problems resolved before putting your house or apartment on the market is a good idea. Repair cracked floor, broken tiles, holes in walls, leaky faucets, fix doors that do not close properly, kitchen drawers stuck, if you have considered replacing a worn bedspread, do it now!
  8. Always keep your pets under control. Try to limit them to a specific area. Although you want your pets, it is not at all sure that potential buyers share this love, and their odors can be offensive, so make sure there are no lingering pet odors on the furniture or on the floor, and if there is , clean them before putting your house or apartment for sale.
  9. Accept offers. Try to get all the relevant information about the buyer to better understand their motivations and position, and their ability to act quickly and ask that their offer be in writing. In the same way, the price you will be willing to accept will depend on market conditions and how fast you need to sell. The commitment of both parties is often the key to concretizing an agreement. Also, determine whether or not you want to take all your furniture, curtains and white goods; since many of these items will not fit into your new home, they could serve as effective negotiation tools in order to get the price you want.
  10. Keep the agreement alive. This is where hard work begins, and the longer it takes to get the exchange of documents, the greater the chances that the agreement will fall apart or that the buyer will reconsider its price to the downside. Then keep in touch with the buyer and / or real estate agent to make sure that the communication channels are always working. You need to always be informed of what the transfer of ownership is, and how the buyer feels about the progress of the operation, you need to know if he is still very motivated, or looking at other property options.