Tips to sell your house faster

Make a good first impression

Are the garden, the driveway and the facade well maintained? Does the whole picture look attractive? What feeling do you have when you come in? Ask these questions to your friends and family.

Do not make unnecessary investments

It is a misconception that an investment in a bathroom renovation or a new kitchen of 30,000 euros will increase the sales price by the same amount. If you ask for a correct price, a buyer will decide for himself whether the renovation of an outdated kitchen or bathroom is necessary in the short term and fits within his budget.

Make necessary “upgrades”

On the other hand, make sure that the electrical installation of your home is in order. Make sure you do not have an outdated boiler, and that you have a certificate of mandatory inspection. Restore that leaking kitchen faucet … Such things have a greater impact on living comfort than a hyper-installed kitchen.

Depersonalize your home

The opinions are divided, but it is generally assumed that when interested buyers visit your home, you give them the opportunity to visualize their own furniture and even lifestyle. They must already see how your house can become their home during the first visit. And that does not work if the house still breathes your lifestyle and taste. Try to approach a neutral, almost impersonal atmosphere. Get family photos from the wall and paint that bright accent wall just white.

Make good photos

Selling a house is something you do online today, with attractive photos. Buyers make a first selection on the internet and they do that on the basis of photos. Therefore, make sure you have good photos that showcase your home. Create high-resolution photos in good weather and with sufficient light. If necessary, call in a professional photographer.

Request a correct price

Request a correct price. Too few questions is simply a pity, because then you lose money. But when your price is too high, you will attract few visitors and buyers. When you start lowering the price of your home a few weeks later, it is very bad for potential buyers.

Sales at the right time

Spring and summer are the favorite seasons to move: people do not like to move in bad weather. Statistically, more houses are bought in spring and summer. Take this into account and offer your home for sale when spring is coming.