Tips to sell your house

You have inherited a property, you are moving to another site or you simply invested in the purchase of a house at the time of the real estate bubble and now in any case you want to sell it. That is why it is essential to be clear about some factors when putting a home on the market.

Know the real estate market

Keeping up with the price of homes at the time you want to make a sale is a key point. Giving the right value to your house will be decisive when a buyer decides for it. Find out at what price are similar houses to yours and try to set a price that does not exceed the rest too much. The fact that the property is valued by a professional will help to put a price that suits the house and is not exorbitant. Most of the houses for sale go on sale with a value of 35% higher than they should.

Keep the property in good condition

When you are going to sell a home you have to take into account the state of it. Fixing the damage, giving a coat of paint or showing the clean house can be key when closing a sale. Remember that the buyer will first have to enter through the eyes and a good appearance will help make it so. On the other hand, depersonalizing the house is another factor to consider. Remove any personal items, photos, pictures and other objects. The person who buys the house will want to decorate it to their liking.

Lean on an online platform

Today there are online platforms that do the work of selling real estate for you. Websites like help you sell your home in less than what you expect. From the platform they make you an offer in less than 48 hours, if you agree they buy the property assuming the state in which it is. Its team of professionals offers free legal and economic advice, in addition to no management fees. An easy, safe and fast way to sell your home.

Proper documentation and IRPF

Having all papers and writings in order is absolutely necessary. If you want to sell a property you will have to take into account the legal part. Check the mortgage and if there is any debt to pay. You also have to take taxes into account. When you sell a property you are subject to pay income tax since it is a capital gain. However, if the home is sold for less money, it is considered a loss of assets and it will not be necessary to pay taxes. Ask for tax advice on these issues so there are no mistakes.

Legal advice

Finally, once you have found a buyer, make sure that the purchase agreement is correct. Having the advice of a lawyer who can review these issues will make the sale safe and legal.