Tips for Selling a Home

Do you want to sell your house? The average term to sell a home in Spain is about 9 months … but do you want to speed up the sale process and do not know how? From Karen Real Estate, your real estate in Valencia, we give you some tips to be successful in the sale of your house.

Six Basic Tips for Selling a Home

Contract the services of a real estate agency

The main thing is that you find a real estate agency with good advisers to represent your interests at all times and for the sale of the house as soon as possible. In addition, an agency can offer you your portfolio of clients, you can manage all the visits and also you will prepare the relevant contracts.

Documentation up-to-date

It is essential to have all the documentation to sell your home. In many cases sales operations have not been closed due to paperwork. We recommend that as soon as you place your apartment for sale you have prepared all the necessary documentation.

Market study

You must really know what your home is worth. Therefore we recommend you ask for a market study that includes a comparative analysis with other housing. In many cases homes are not sold because homeowners have a misconception about the value of their home.

Let yourself be advised on the price

Price is a very important element in the process of selling the home. A real estate agent knows perfectly the value of the houses according to the neighborhood in which they are, according to the square meters that they have and according to their state. You should let him advise you and propose a reasonable price for the property to be sold as soon as possible. You should also be prepared not to sell the house at the price you expected.

Image washing

If you want to sell your house quickly improves all the flaws, paint to give it a cleaner air and ensure that it has good lighting. This does not mean that you make a reform, only that you wash the image of your house because it is a safe way to revalue it without investing much money.

Depersonalize the house

When the agent teaches your home must be free of personal elements. Think that the prospective buyer has to be living there and if it is full of your things you make those thoughts difficult. Do the same as the builders do, show your floor as if it were a pilot floor? Also, keep it clean and tidy if you want to sell it.