Tips for selling a home for the first time

Are you selling your property for the first time?

Attentive! Even if you have familiarized yourself with the real estate industry before, the buying and selling process has nothing to do with each other and may be a bit of a headache. Therefore, from Rent without Risk, we always recommend that you have the advice of a professional in the sector. Remember that, on this occasion, you will have total control of the process on your shoulders and surely in more than one step you will miss the advice of a professional.

Therefore, here are some general brushstrokes of the key points that you will have to take care to ensure success in the sale of your property:

Hire an experienced real estate agent

As we have pointed out above, a real estate transaction involves a series of complexities and nuances, which only a qualified real estate agent can manage successfully. Ask friends and family to recommend a professional with whom they have worked. Remember that you can always contact your office Rent without Risk Nearest: Offices Rent without Risk

Dismiss the process

Your house is much more than a property, in it you host endless good memories, and saying goodbye is complicated. However, you have to be careful and do not let that emotional bondage get in the way of preparing your home for sale. Try to see your home as if you were a buyer. Making a list of what you like most about each stay and the things you would change will help you detect the strengths to highlight them and try to solve the weak.

Do not “inflate” the selling price of the house

It is normal that you want to sell your house at the best possible price, but be careful and DO NOT inflate its amount. If you do, you’ll help sell the rest of the houses in the area, and yours will “burn”. Remember that a real estate agent can help you make a correct valuation of your house adjusting to the market price.

Dress up your house for success

Potential buyers who visit your home have very little time to imagine living in it. Put it easy by painting the walls with neutral colors and depersonalizing to the maximum all the rooms. It will help them to see in it their new home!

Fix the imperfections

Make sure everything is working properly: light switches, boiler, cisterns, etc. If you put your home on sale with defects, you will help your future owners request a price reduction or generate a bad first impression.

Highlight the facade of your house

If you sell a villa or a detached house, take care of your exterior!

Keep in mind that this is the first thing your buyers are going to see. Therefore, give the door a layer of paint, put flowers and make sure you have eliminated cracks or damage of the facade.