Steps to start in the real estate business

To finish the training studies as a real estate agent, can be the perfect excuse to organize a select cocktail as a presentation letter to be known. It will be a nice way to get into the real estate business for a newbie. There are aspects that are learned with time and experience in the profession that are not taught in schools. Five tips to get off to a good start as a real estate agent are:

Have a mentor most experienced agents in the sector agree that the first step of any new agent in the sector, apart from doing a good training program, is to find a good mentor in the profession. Find someone who knows what they are doing, who is successful, and who is willing to teach you. When you have found him, accompany him during his calls to clients, in negotiations or in visits to homes. Observing their way of working will be the best school to start in this market.

Develop a business plan. The first year of entering the real estate, normally you have to dedicate it to laying the foundations. The agent must think of himself as a start-up and develop a business plan for the first week. It will be the roadmap to follow before any problem. The main thing is to set a goal for the first year and schedule activities that help us achieve it. How many contracts of sale will be signed in this exercise? How many contacts will it take to get it? Then design a sales strategy based on the available budget. There are many models and information on the Internet that can help you get there.

Prepare the tools. The tool number 1 in our ‘kit’ real estate agent will be the laptop or the iPad, apart from our smartphone. They are the utensils that are most dependent to keep track of customers, ads and our offers. It will also be very useful to get a customer relationship management software or CRM. CRM should allow automating marketing campaigns and customer tracking efforts. Finally, it will be great to create your own website and ensure that each marketing action redirects the clients to the portal where the properties are announced.

Build a personal brand Regardless of the franchise for which you work, you have to build your career as a professional and show potential clients what you can offer as a professional, even if you are new to the business. According to your personal interests, your academic background, your motivations or your specialty in the business, you have to differentiate yourself. Once you have the name of your personal brand, you have to make business cards, marketing material and website. The most important thing to know is that you have to start thinking about yourself as an entrepreneur in order to start your own business, not as an employee.

Spread the word. Once you have saved the contact information of the people we know, within our ‘sphere of influence’ in the CRM, it is time to publicize our entry into the market, via mail, telephone or social networks. Do not forget personal contact with people in our community or neighborhood.