Reasons why use the services of a real estate agent

Why use an agent? This question will have too many answers, and the vast majority of them will make a lot of sense. Proceed, then, to list the most important reasons:

Real estate or real estate agent in a professional in the field.

So: Why not work with a professional, knowledgeable about the matter if the cost of taking advantage of his knowledge is zero or sometimes economic, if we compare the risks to which a buyer or seller could face without the due knowledge? The answer although it seems obvious, sometimes it is not for some people, in their thinking that you can save a few dollars when trying to buy or sell a property without the use of a real estate agent.

The real estate agent has extensive knowledge of the real estate area,

But he also has important knowledge of the laws that govern this activity. As the real estate agent, a professional has a knowledge of the real estate area and the laws that govern this activity much deeper than an ordinary person. An agent is able to properly guide the client and warn him of the important points to consider in the contracts. These usually have clauses, some of such importance that they could put the risk to a client and expose it to financial losses. An agent is prepared to emphasize the importance of some clauses and is able to anticipate and prevent problems that a client without due knowledge is able to warn.

Marketing tools

A real estate agent has marketing tools at their disposal that would greatly facilitate the work of any seller or buyer. The real estate agent has access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) tool where the vast majority of properties for sale are published in any area that is evaluated. The real estate agent has access to a network of more than 40,000 agents from other real estate agents with whom you can contact and share information easily and efficiently.

At the time of selling, he is willing to show his property at any time

If you want to sell your property the real estate agent can show the property for you: for example, show it at the time you are working, at night or on weekends, when the vast majority of people want to rest.

When selling, your security is also important

The real estate agent is responsible for filtering the type of people who potentially want to go see your property by reducing the risks that letting in unknown people might have.

What savings does the client have when he decides not to use a real estate agent?

When the customer is a buyer, there is no type of savings, because, as is known, in most cases, the commission is paid by the seller in the transaction. So, it does not have any logic to waste the knowledge, experience, and representation that a real estate agent gives to a buyer. A real estate agent representing a seller represents only the interests of his client, therefore he will not watch over or take into account the interests of a buyer. For this simple reason it is necessary that a buyer has representation.

If I as a buyer do not use the services of an agent, could not I get a discount on the purchase price and with this justify not using the agent.

The potential discount that the buyer could obtain when making an operation without being represented by a real estate agent does not justify the risk and legal exposures to which he could be exposed by not using his services. In the case of pre-sale properties it is almost a standard that promoters do not make rebates to the sale price of the unit, since if they make price reductions, this reduction would affect the comparable of the other similar properties sold in the same area or community. This argument also confirms that buying without representation of an agent does not mean any savings because the buyer thinks that by not paying the agent’s commission, then the developer will lower the purchase price in the same amount to the unit price.