How do I sell my house

Emphasis on first impression

The first photograph of your advertisement must be striking, otherwise, it is very likely that you achieve not sell your property in the estimated time, or the process for it may become very slow. In this regard, we recommend capture the attention of your potential customers how does a billboard. Studies indicate that the first 60 seconds are crucial, 20 of them focus on the first picture, in which the exterior of the house is shown. The other 40 seconds are usually divided among the other photos in which the interior of the house is taught.

After observing for a short time the initial picture, much of users focus on the features and specifications of the property, as has the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, among others. Then they concentrate on the description of the house as the location of it and the sites that are close to her; these short selling tips, are ideal for those who want to find buyers quickly.

Relative to the total time it takes a user to watch a real estate ad network, has determined that the prospects or potential customers use 60% of their time in observing photos of the property, 20% detailing the characteristics of the house and 20% more by reading the description of the property offered by the seller, in the event that this description exists. Therefore, if you still have the question of how I can sell my house online? Try to take into account these factors when writing your ad on our portals of European real estate.

Tips for selling your home

Now you know that the first impression is the most important of all, and that determines whether a buyer is interested or not on your property. Therefore, it is recommended that you show good pictures and also to be useful for your customer, which appears clearly outside the home and the garden, the facade, etc., and inside the same as the dining room , living room, kitchen, rooms, bathrooms, etc.

In this regard, we encourage you to investigate how to get the best pictures and, if possible, records videos of your home so that manage to capture the attention of even more users in order to sell it . Other tips you should take into account when taking pictures to your home is to take pictures of clean rooms, turn on all the lights in rooms, etc. Similarly, a great pictures is essential if you want to sell your home online.

The ad text

Regarding the text of your notice, due to the short time a person uses the web to see the real estate ad, we suggest that the description you make of your property is in around 400 characters and compose striking elements for your potential customers or prospects, so that they make a decision and want to visit your home.

It is also recommended to avoid using capital letters in the text as well as the use of adjectives that can exaggerate the characteristics of the floor, and other elements of the building. This is because these items tend to discourage the buyer and affects their decision to contact the seller or not.

You can also contact experts in the world of estate agencies so you can achieve sell your flat in record time.