House for sale tips to make your home more attractive

Once the prospective buyer has found your house and has been attracted by the images seen on it, the next step is to find housing in person.

When selling a house or a villa, the garden is the first thing you see. Therefore it is necessary to remove weeds and keep ordered to provide the best picture of it. If a villa with pool, if it is clean with crystal clear water can be extremely appealing, or it may be a setback if it turns green and dirty.

When selling a flat, entrance or portal will be the first stay for elapse potential buyers. Make sure there is no trash, dirt or any negative element.

Prior to the entrance of the house, a new doormat is an economical and easy to change option and the bell must be in good condition because it will be the first thing they checked. The front door of the house must be clean, bright and unmarked or damage of any kind.


To appreciate the maximum space of the house, eliminates unnecessary or moved furniture, those with more seniority or add nothing to the sale of the house. Clear the traffic areas need to be at the maximum possible space on the property. A tidy house and collection will make potential buyers feel comfortable in that space and the idea that this may be your future home is established.


When scheduling visits to a property for sale, it is important to know the time frame provides a better image for its brightness and orientation. Looking ahead to the visit, it is necessary to open the blinds to let the maximum natural light. In the afternoon, at sunset, the lights will compensate for the lack of light if the visit is set at that time. Accessories like lamps, plus easy to implement modern design, light focused on the areas you want to highlight contribute. Low consumption LED bulbs provide good light at any time of day and are an element that can vary enormously image when selling your house.

Clean and neat

The bathrooms and kitchen are areas that should be given the utmost attention. For the buyer it represents the food and hygiene of the family, basic building blocks of life. Must show these clean, bright and fully collected stays for the buyer to see that it is not essential to a big change for use.

In addition to cleaning in the windows and mirrors, mopping floors or keep everything in order, small actions such as reviewing the tile joints can give an air of new and clean kitchen and bathrooms.

If you cannot clean it, paint it.

Nothing provides a better look at a house for sale that clean and freshly painted walls. If the house is not painted in years, bring you a neutral color and feel clean again and can make the best investment to sell a house at a higher price and in less time.

General operation

When buying a house, we go by the feeling of wanting to enjoy our space and good times with our loved ones, and in turn avoid having to do a great job to make it happen.

On the different housing facilities, switches and sockets are the most visible in terms of electrical installation. You need to ensure they are not broken and that the bulbs are still working. Not being able to see just a room or a bathroom by a blown bulb may be an error that cost us sell the house.

As for plumbing, revises tanks and faucets for us to get not leak or water unpleasant surprises with visitors.

Feeling of home

As we said earlier, a buyer seeks to understand how the space that today is your home for sale can improve and make your life more comfortable. With accomplish little details make it look enjoying this house as if he lived there.

A table set makes it more enjoyable dining, representing family moments around it. We’ll have to keep personal photos and more intimate objects for the buyer to feel at home and not have the feeling of encroaching on others or be an intruder.


One factor that is seen upon entering a home is their smell. We all associate particular odors spaces, we’d know not explain all that well but that characterize this place.

Provide a good smell is a must to move the prospective buyer is in a nice place. Housing for sale should be well ventilated before each visit.

Special care, eye care, homes where pets live. For anyone a strong odor given off as dogs or cats can end the possibility of selling the house for people who are not accustomed to living with pets and smell.

In addition to acclimate the house with air freshener and fragrances, natural flavors like coffee or bake a cake off the scent to move home we seek potential buyers.