Four tips before putting the house for sale

Put the house for sale is not only to hang the poster on the balcony or upload it to a real estate Internet portal. It takes a lot more dedication and responsibility, especially if you want to close a good deal at a good price. Therefore, the real estate agent should give four basic tips the seller before you put your house on the market:

  1. Teaching housing requires a long time. The first impression of a home is one of the things that count in the buyers when selecting which interest them. So spend time with potential buyers who want to see and money for your presentation is essential. If the seller is not convinced that the real estate agent can take you to see a house unprepared and other arranged to check the difference.
  2. The market sets the price, not the owner. It is important to understand the customer that your home is not outside the influence of the prices at which other similar homes currently sold to yours on the market. The sentimental value that can give the owner the house is typically transferred to the price, so if this ‘extra’ is very exorbitant, the real estate agent can take your client to visit other similar houses to be sold at much lower price to understand that your home must fit the current situation.
  3. Small reforms can mean big profits. Sometimes the cost of repairing any part of the property may favor selling the house at a better price. If , however, the owner decides not to do this will harm in negotiating with the buyer at the time of closing a sale price and also the floor can be ruled out by more than one customer to have a misconception of how you can cost reforms.
  4. The importance of local real estate market. Although statistics and other specialized sources give guidance on how prices are evolving in the housing market, the important thing is that the seller catch up on how they are in your local area. To close a good sales transaction, it must be updated on how fluctuating prices of similar homes in the same area and at what price are actually sold, because one thing will be the sale price and other than that are actually sold.