Find your real estate agent

Techniques to find your real estate agent

The key to enjoying a smooth transaction is finding a good realtor. A saying goes that “20 percent of agents makes 80 percent of the business”. The question is: how to find a good professional? The best is not necessarily one who works in the most important company, performs most of the business and get the most money. The agent indicated for you should be an experienced professional who will listen to your needs, be ethical behavior and the market knows it must work.


Most agents stay in business because their satisfied customers recommend them to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Consult your acquaintances about professionals who have work and find out their experiences. Successful agents have as main objective to please their customers and consider their needs first. Try to find a professional who exceed their responsibilities.

Search the Internet

There are many Internet sites that recommend agents, but do not ensure quality. Simply mention the professionals who have paid the owners of the sites to appear on your list. The best option is to search Google the best real estate companies, visit their sites and analyze individual profiles of the agents nearby office. Experienced agents have more knowledge, but new have more time to devote to each sale. Look for customer testimonials.

Attend presentations

When visiting homes for sale, real agents can meet in a relaxed working environment and interact with them. Collect cards from agents and record them. If you plan to sell your home, pay attention to how professional presents the house. It is friendly and explanatory? You seem to have knowledge? Do you distribute promotional material seriously about the house? Are you trying to sell the house or he spends sitting in a corner, ignoring visitors?

Discuss the neighborhood signs

Pay attention to the signs in your neighborhood and how long it takes to show up the “sold”. The agent selling faster could be more convenient for you than those who make a greater number of transactions. The results are more important than quantity.

Using print advertising

Agent’s real estate run ads for two reasons. The first is to achieve specific sales. The second is to present their work. Look for ads in your neighborhood in your Sunday newspaper. Then analyze who is the agent who advertised, it could be an expert in the area. Contact them to learn about their experience.

Recommendations professional

Ask for references to other real estate agents. Warmly often refer buyers and sellers to their colleagues, especially if your needs are not among their own specialties. Some professionals focus on resale’s of homes, while others focus exclusively on builders. Some people do only commercial or investment only sales. Mortgage brokers are also a source of referrals, as some well-known to exceptional real estate agents. Professionals tend to recommend professionals.