Essential tips for a real estate agent

Security and confidence estate agents is a questionable factor the real estate market. Although this agent has a little dangerous work, they have given in the past cases of violence so they feel safe when you’re inside a house with another individual alone is very important.

Fearing some realtors to work alone or in conditions that do not feel safe, each entity has the mission to remember and warn realtors the dangers they may face in time to show a house to any potential buyer.

Here are some tips that aims to teach its members to protect themselves and be more confident in their dangerous work.

Do not meet with strangers on any property: For your safety, your appointments concrete working in the office or in public places and also a company a family member or another realtor.

Go to the home that should show in your own car: This will prevent the potential buyer, unknown to you, try to take the place.

Avoid work at night: Make it impossible to do their work during the day, otherwise, bring a colleague to the property to yield.

Dress properly: Avoid wearing flashy jewelry or fancy clothes. Don’t carry a lot of money with you.

Organize a sample itinerary: Use a standard form and always leave a copy in the office or with a relative. And of course, let your client that such copy exists.

Use a form of identity model: Before showing a property, you must have a printed form to request information from a potential customer: name, address, model and make of car, driver’s license, local address, and two references.

Use a PIF agent: Make sure your office know the model of your car as well as the license number, plus any other important information.

Set a coded distress signal: If you are in trouble, send a text message to your association or a family member that can alert them of the danger that you live at that time. The message should be written in some sort of key established between the parties involved.

If you notice anything suspicious in your client, leave the property automatically: If you notice that your client provides answers meaningless or notice any unusual behavior in it, leave immediately to show the property and leave the area.

Immediately notify your broker: The broker is the person in charge of deciding what to do in a situation that would compromise their safety.