Do you own a virtual short sale business

Have you heard the latest information that foreclosure rates are running about 32% higher today than in the same period in 2008? Ready for the short sale foreclosure investor, which should translate into many more offers and potentially more profits for your business. Is this true for your business? If not, have you thought about why?

One of the main reasons why your business can not be short selling will grow like reading newspapers, is because you suffer from a problem of the locale. If you own a business that depends on you and limited to a certain geography, your business could be hampered by what’s happening in your area. You just cannot have enough activity in your area.

So, what to do about it?

On the one hand, it is possible to be happy with the size of your business in your area and their direct participation in your business. Therefore, generate more business is not important to your wishes.

On the other hand, if you want to generate a cash flow larger, bigger a business and hire employees, developing a short sale virtual business could be for you. A virtual business is not a business “imaginary”; It is one that is scalable and able to double-any appropriate geography. A business can be scalable when staff in place to handle the various tasks required in your business local area, but they are just in a different geography.

Some of the best tools for a virtual business includes several websites, voice mail systems, mail systems developed.

Arrangement and flip market is still profitable today, although we make less money than a few years ago. The key point is to understand that we must be increasingly diligent in calculating the offer. Note, the formulas used to calculate long-term deals with real estate are not at all related to fix and flip formulas, and these offers are usually disastrous for the unwary investor.