Decorating a home to sell

Discover how to prepare your house to impress potential buyers is key, especially considering that it is increasingly difficult to sell existing homes. Here are some tips to wash the face to our house for sale and get the best possible price.

The best way to start decorating the house for a sale is to imagine that we are designing the stage for a play. Everything should be in place, perfectly ordered and arranged in a comfortable way. With a few simple tricks it is relatively easy to transform a house that languishes with a process of slow sales in a quick sale.

Remember that we are not making changes to live in this house, according to our tastes and familiar format. Our only goal is to teach the best of the house to prospective buyers.

In this regard, we reference a typical pilot floor of a new development of apartments or houses. These are always freshly painted, appliances shine, no artwork around the house and fresh flowers on the kitchen counter.

The rooms look spacious and comfortable and functional furniture. Kitchens and bathrooms are sparkling, clean smell and no mess; the cupboards are empty or eel garage is neat and clean and spacious. Our goal is therefore try to give our property for sale look like a starter home. These ideas can help:

  • Give the house an airy and spacious appearance by removing the covers or carpets, removing clutter and family furniture accessories and reducing to a minimum.
  • Planning the preparation and decoration of all rooms of the house, one at a time. Remove everything that is personal, old or is damaged or too full. Clean all surfaces thoroughly and then replenish only the parts that have a fabulous look.
  • If you do not have storage, you can borrow a friend’s garage and save there the boxes full of collectibles, books, sports equipment, Christmas feasts, and other seasons clothing, toys, shoes, dishes and even furniture left over. Save this temporary store all your personal belongings, family photos, religious objects, drawings of children etc. So not only advance towards their next move (see how to make a move), but achieved clear large areas of the house and closets.
  • Make a list of items that require repair. Search obvious defects, room by room, who are already used to but that can spoil the overall look. For example, the lack of a handle of a door, a fused bulb, stains on the walls, a closet door that does not fit … If no DIY expert or amateur, is advisable to hire the services of a handyman make all arrangements that detects small.
  • Rearrange the furniture so that the environment is not loaded and the newest cause maximum impact. It is important to create a spacious feel, with channels of communication between the fluid dependencies. Turn on the lights because the dark areas are not invited to enter. We must have maximum illumination, with the blinds well rises, the curtains drawn and how best interior lights. Before opening the door to potential buyers, turn on all the lights and lamps, even during the day.
  • Create a welcoming entrance – first impressions are very important. Investing time and, if necessary, put money on the porch and the front door. Wash the door – even repaint it to shine. Mopping the floor, replace the handle if very old, and decorate the entrance with large pots (for more ideas see How to create a hall)
  • Be particularly careful with the bathroom and kitchen. Both should shine for cleanliness. Thoroughly clean the tiles, remove signs of moisture or mold on the boards, put new towels and unused in the bathroom and toilet, remove all utensils of sight in the kitchen and clear this and bathroom all accessories general (see how to decorate a bathroom and reform a kitchen on a budget).
  • Pets can distort the sales process. There are people who are terrified or repulsed by the dogs, cats or caged birds or suffering very annoying allergies when they are close. Although we enchant the animals to us, if we want to maximize the rentabilidad of our house, it is advisable to have these allergies or phobias in mind and bring our pets to a neighbor or relative whenever teach the home to prospective buyers.
  • Some experts on home sales advise that fill our houses for sale with delicious flavors to enhance the sense of wellbeing. If you enjoy cooking, the smell of freshly baked bread or crackers (or becoming in the oven) is a scent reminiscent of childhood and produces pleasurable sensations. If not, then fresh flowers also smell nice, or baskets of pot pour spread through the house.

Prepare corners that invite relaxation and tranquility. Selling a home is stressful, but looking for a house to buy also wears a lot, and your prospective buyers will appreciate a touch of peace, order and cordiality as:

  • Place a tea service on a small table next to a window with a nice view
  • Prepare an attractive bowl with fresh fruit on the kitchen table
  • Put several vases of fresh and cheerful in key areas of the house flowers – the living room table, entry, tables, stairs…
  • Leave some art books or travel strategically placed on a small table