Can I get public housing?

Public housing are apartments and houses that are reserved for low-income people owned. The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides funds , rights and responsibilities of basic public housing. However, local housing authorities administer the program and specify eligibility criteria. You must qualify for public housing under the rules of your authority local housing.


The qualification of income public housing depends on your household income and size. You may be eligible for public housing if your income is equal to or less than 80-50 percent of the median income in your area. Get in touch with your authority local housing for exact threshold income from your location.


You can only apply for public housing, if you are a US citizen or legal immigrant who has been in the country for at least five years. Some housing authorities require only an adult family member is a citizen or permanent immigrant.

Criminal record

People who are registered as sex offenders are not eligible for public housing. The severity of other offenses that disqualify varies by the authority of the State and housing. Most public housing programs do not allow offenders residing in public housing within 5 years of being convicted, but some criminals obtain public housing. Most housing authorities allow people with nonviolent misdemeanors qualify for public housing.

Review antecedents

You must pass a background check to qualify for public housing. This involves a criminal background check, plus get in touch with the previous owners and other references, such as utilities, to ensure that you will be a good tenant and have no outstanding payments due. The problems in previous residences, rent or utility bills unpaid evictions or other public housing programs may disqualify you.