Four tips before putting the house for sale

Put the house for sale is not only to hang the poster on the balcony or upload it to a real estate Internet portal. It takes a lot more dedication and responsibility, especially if you want to close a good deal at a good price. Therefore, the real estate agent should give four basic tips the seller before you put your house on the market:

  1. Teaching housing requires a long time. The first impression of a home is one of the things that count in the buyers when selecting which interest them. So spend time with potential buyers who want to see and money for your presentation is essential. If the seller is not convinced that the real estate agent can take you to see a house unprepared and other arranged to check the difference.
  2. The market sets the price, not the owner. It is important to understand the customer that your home is not outside the influence of the prices at which other similar homes currently sold to yours on the market. The sentimental value that can give the owner the house is typically transferred to the price, so if this ‘extra’ is very exorbitant, the real estate agent can take your client to visit other similar houses to be sold at much lower price to understand that your home must fit the current situation.
  3. Small reforms can mean big profits. Sometimes the cost of repairing any part of the property may favor selling the house at a better price. If , however, the owner decides not to do this will harm in negotiating with the buyer at the time of closing a sale price and also the floor can be ruled out by more than one customer to have a misconception of how you can cost reforms.
  4. The importance of local real estate market. Although statistics and other specialized sources give guidance on how prices are evolving in the housing market, the important thing is that the seller catch up on how they are in your local area. To close a good sales transaction, it must be updated on how fluctuating prices of similar homes in the same area and at what price are actually sold, because one thing will be the sale price and other than that are actually sold.

Five tips to sell your home

When you make the decision to put your home up for sale you want to achieve it quickly and at the best price. Obviously the result will depend on several factors such as having the professional advice and a reasonable price. But there are little things you can do to make your house “fell in love” who are looking for a home. We approached five tips to take into account and make a first impression:

  1. Look at your home as if you were the buyer. The exercise of standing at the door and identify the first impression will be the potential buyer is very useful.
  2. Check exterior paint and interior. If you are not in good condition and cannot or do not want to paint it is recommended thorough cleaning. If you choose to paint choose neutral colors is safer than pleasing, strong colors may be fashionable but not always like the general people.
  3. Presents the garden, patio and garage kept as possible. The short grass and yard without weeds or weeds, as well as a garage without large accumulation of objects can generate a greater sense of spaciousness.
  4. Arrange and organize your furniture ensuring that the spaces are shown as spacious and comfortable as possible. Also it believes that the spaces are well illuminators and you can access all rooms.
  5. Coordinates with your real estate consultant days and times to show the house. You need to be willing to receive several visits and dialogue with those who could buy your home. If you’re in a hurry the potential buyer will not feel welcome.

Finding a real estate agent

Finding a good real estate agent is an important part of having a smooth transaction real estate. The problem is finding a good realtor. The best agents are not necessarily in large firms, the best players do not necessarily make the most money. What to look for is the best agent for you and your situation.

Here are five tips to help you find a good real estate agent.

Attend open houses.

If you attend an open day, this will give the opportunity to meet real estate agents without pressure simply go to your office and talk to them one by one.

Interact with them and pick up a card. Take notes on each collect card. If you are thinking of making the sale of your home, pay particular attention to how the agent is showing the home. Take notes about whether the agent is friendly and informative.


Search online for an agent.

Do a search on Google and view profiles of individual agents. Do your homework. The newer agents may have more time to spend with you. If possible, try to find customer testimonials.

References are one of the best ways to find a good realtor.

Ask for references to people known to have been used in the past and then ask them to describe what their experiences. Ask if the agent ever used again. If someone has had a good experience with a real estate agent, he or she will be happy to know.

Check the classified ads.

Check real estate ads in your local newspaper on Sunday. Look for websites that are advertising agents. Contact them and ask them about their experience.

By using these tips you can find a great real estate agent and be on your way to a real estate transaction successfully.

Find your real estate agent

Techniques to find your real estate agent

The key to enjoying a smooth transaction is finding a good realtor. A saying goes that “20 percent of agents makes 80 percent of the business”. The question is: how to find a good professional? The best is not necessarily one who works in the most important company, performs most of the business and get the most money. The agent indicated for you should be an experienced professional who will listen to your needs, be ethical behavior and the market knows it must work.


Most agents stay in business because their satisfied customers recommend them to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Consult your acquaintances about professionals who have work and find out their experiences. Successful agents have as main objective to please their customers and consider their needs first. Try to find a professional who exceed their responsibilities.

Search the Internet

There are many Internet sites that recommend agents, but do not ensure quality. Simply mention the professionals who have paid the owners of the sites to appear on your list. The best option is to search Google the best real estate companies, visit their sites and analyze individual profiles of the agents nearby office. Experienced agents have more knowledge, but new have more time to devote to each sale. Look for customer testimonials.

Attend presentations

When visiting homes for sale, real agents can meet in a relaxed working environment and interact with them. Collect cards from agents and record them. If you plan to sell your home, pay attention to how professional presents the house. It is friendly and explanatory? You seem to have knowledge? Do you distribute promotional material seriously about the house? Are you trying to sell the house or he spends sitting in a corner, ignoring visitors?

Discuss the neighborhood signs

Pay attention to the signs in your neighborhood and how long it takes to show up the “sold”. The agent selling faster could be more convenient for you than those who make a greater number of transactions. The results are more important than quantity.

Using print advertising

Agent’s real estate run ads for two reasons. The first is to achieve specific sales. The second is to present their work. Look for ads in your neighborhood in your Sunday newspaper. Then analyze who is the agent who advertised, it could be an expert in the area. Contact them to learn about their experience.

Recommendations professional

Ask for references to other real estate agents. Warmly often refer buyers and sellers to their colleagues, especially if your needs are not among their own specialties. Some professionals focus on resale’s of homes, while others focus exclusively on builders. Some people do only commercial or investment only sales. Mortgage brokers are also a source of referrals, as some well-known to exceptional real estate agents. Professionals tend to recommend professionals.

Features to be a good real estate agent

Being a good real estate agent requires more than obtaining a license. It involves commitment, honesty and hard work capacity. Among the features needed to develop the profession, a good real estate agent should know :

They are focused on customer service.

  • This is a work with the public, which likes to talk to people and feel satisfied seeing their customers to achieve their goal.
  • Requires frequent telephone conversations, have the ability to answer calls or answer emails on time, and be patient.
  • Buying a home is a big financial decision that most customers think carefully. Very rarely it has done on impulse, as is the case with other items purchased.

Have sales ability.

  • Is key in this profession know how to sell? Even if you devote only serve buyers and not sellers, your ability to sell your services can make the difference between success and failure.
  • Being persuasive is one of the characteristics that must develop and have the ability to close the transaction, i.e. agreements.
  • You must ensure that your client understands that you are the best choice for him and to trust that you are trained to help you achieve your goal professional, whether to buy, sell or rent.
  • This is different to close the sale of a house, which is the final part of the process and not depend solely on you.

Be perseverant

  • Most real estate transactions are not achieved in one month, and less in this market where there are so many foreclosures and short sales.
  • It is important to keep your customer motivated, but also you’re happy too, so do not neglect the process.
  • You have to be willing to sometimes take months before you achieve results with some customers.

Being organized and good planner

  • Most are their own bosses should therefore be able to work with minimal supervision.
  • They should have a particular area of work, and a good filing system to handle all documentation of their cases.
  • They have to keep your schedule organized and know they have to fulfill their agendas without excuses. They do not have a boss who scold, but look bad with the customer will bring bad recommendations.
  • They must learn to be punctual when no one is watching. They are able to organize your personal life with the same rigor as if they had a fixed schedule. Make arrangements for child care, pick them up at school and meet medical appointments without affecting customer commitments.
  • Recognize the advantages of having a flexible schedule, but somehow they have to work many weekends, holidays and evenings. To maintain control over this, not overwhelmed and not affect your other responsibilities, it is important to set rules.

Being technology and be informed

  • This profession requires knowledge of the internet, greatly tool that facilitates and expedites customer service.
  • This career field is changing with new regulations and requirements every day. We must be aware of the news and how it affects customers.
  • They must continue taking courses to become better informed and provide better service. In addition part of the requirements to keep the license is to take continuing education courses.

Be honest and recognize limitations

  • Customer funds with the rigor required by law must operate.
  • They recognize their professional limitations and not try to impersonate bankers, engineers, appraisers and inspectors. They know that each is the expert in your area.

Essential tips for a real estate agent

Security and confidence estate agents is a questionable factor the real estate market. Although this agent has a little dangerous work, they have given in the past cases of violence so they feel safe when you’re inside a house with another individual alone is very important.

Fearing some realtors to work alone or in conditions that do not feel safe, each entity has the mission to remember and warn realtors the dangers they may face in time to show a house to any potential buyer.

Here are some tips that aims to teach its members to protect themselves and be more confident in their dangerous work.

Do not meet with strangers on any property: For your safety, your appointments concrete working in the office or in public places and also a company a family member or another realtor.

Go to the home that should show in your own car: This will prevent the potential buyer, unknown to you, try to take the place.

Avoid work at night: Make it impossible to do their work during the day, otherwise, bring a colleague to the property to yield.

Dress properly: Avoid wearing flashy jewelry or fancy clothes. Don’t carry a lot of money with you.

Organize a sample itinerary: Use a standard form and always leave a copy in the office or with a relative. And of course, let your client that such copy exists.

Use a form of identity model: Before showing a property, you must have a printed form to request information from a potential customer: name, address, model and make of car, driver’s license, local address, and two references.

Use a PIF agent: Make sure your office know the model of your car as well as the license number, plus any other important information.

Set a coded distress signal: If you are in trouble, send a text message to your association or a family member that can alert them of the danger that you live at that time. The message should be written in some sort of key established between the parties involved.

If you notice anything suspicious in your client, leave the property automatically: If you notice that your client provides answers meaningless or notice any unusual behavior in it, leave immediately to show the property and leave the area.

Immediately notify your broker: The broker is the person in charge of deciding what to do in a situation that would compromise their safety.

Eight strategies to sell your home on your own

Sure your goal if you are selling your house, is that the sale is achieved as quickly as possible. Of course, also the best price for you as a business represents profit. Take advantage, there are many buyers looking house, but yes, you have to use good strategies. I share some ideas with you:

  1. For a good start: Analyzes and evaluates stepping calmly which leads each stage process. That is the time to make your plan of action.
  2. Know your buyers: Knowing who those who are looking for home now, how they behave and what attracts them is essential to know how to direct your efforts to sell not only the right audience, but also the right way. This will save you time and money.
  3. Make the necessary improvements if you’re thinking of selling: It is a misconception that you have to invest anything because you are selling the property. There are many postponed improvements, mostly related to the safety factor that will give you not only peace, but can save you a problem or higher risk. Look around and identify immediate needs.
  4. Make a marketing plan: “What is not advertised is not sold,” the saying goes, and rightly so. But do not panic, advertise does not mean investing thousands of dollars in traditional advertising. There are simple strategies that do not cost much and are very effective. It is a matter of identifying them and be wise to use them, including the internet, one of the most powerful tools to achieve your sale. There is much more, you know what it is.
  5. Consider all the factors involved in the sale: To achieve the goal of selling not just about having a good price. You have to find the ideal customer, know how to negotiate, be flexible … in other words “knowing how to sell”. It’s like a good recipe that is not done well but there are all the ingredients. So you must consider all the elements that you are getting.
  6. Prepare yourself for success: Have you heard of luck? That’s up to one in several million people, the rest have to work to achieve what you want, and even if you see your perfect home (after all it is yours), prepare with the customer’s eyes, that is, look at her as if you were to buy it . Search how to woo prospective buyers and above all, they are seen as potential owners, removing as possible associated elements yourself.
  7. Beware of errors: It’s true, everyone is wrong but in business matters, mistakes cost money. Maybe you would not be one of those, but some vendors, although it may seem incredible, what they show is that they do not want to sell. Lack of cooperation, uncompromising attitude or little organization are some of the things that can make that sale is not achieved. Find and cooperates if you really want to sell your property.
  8. Identifies the area’s most prospective buyer’s look: For some it is surprise and even invasion of privacy when they show their home and future buyers open drawers, closets look and see inside the kitchen cabinets and even open the fridge. But even if done without permission is an invasion that may be a sign of real interest in your property. Therefore, you have to be prepared.

Do you want to sell your house fast

The economic situation and the real estate boom was experienced by 2015, the “VAT exemption” factor, present a greater challenge when selling a property used this 2016.

So you show the figures, for example, mortgage loans for housing of this type has dropped 9% in March, according to the Association of Banks.

If you have a house or apartment that you want to sell and do not want to cost a lot to find a new owner, says that the need to quickly close the sale “does not usually consider the care must be taken for some details, which are key when potential buyers conquer “.

To have a successful sale, specialist, gives some tips to consider:

  1. Everything comes through sight: it is advisable to make all those minor repairs such as walls with small cracks tremors product; broken electrical terminals or damp walls. Often they seem big problems, but the truth is that they are easy to solve.
  2. White King of colors: white walls and soft furnishings are always a safe bet because they provide freshness and brightness to any space. Earn light in a sum housing points when selling it. However, the lack of natural light can be compensated with good artificial lighting and some tips on decorating the space as putting a warm light and raise the blinds or run thick when receiving potential buyer’s curtains.
  3. Less is more: the amplitude when showing the house can be a key element. Fill it with ornaments and furniture, in addition to prevent passage, make spaces look smaller than they really are. Always leave a tape measure handy so that when the property is displayed can verify measures.
  4. Maintain a comfortable temperature: who enter the house must feel it is lovely to be there. As a potential buyer, feeling cold or extreme heat can make us decline to acquire that property. The ideal is to keep heated or ventilated as required by the climate.
  5. Take advice by professionals: a good office offers professionalism and management, and real pricing according to the market and can give you comprehensive advice and prospective buyers. It will be an administrator of your sale against other runners, it is important to determine the type of customer who will buy your home.

Do you own a virtual short sale business

Have you heard the latest information that foreclosure rates are running about 32% higher today than in the same period in 2008? Ready for the short sale foreclosure investor, which should translate into many more offers and potentially more profits for your business. Is this true for your business? If not, have you thought about why?

One of the main reasons why your business can not be short selling will grow like reading newspapers, is because you suffer from a problem of the locale. If you own a business that depends on you and limited to a certain geography, your business could be hampered by what’s happening in your area. You just cannot have enough activity in your area.

So, what to do about it?

On the one hand, it is possible to be happy with the size of your business in your area and their direct participation in your business. Therefore, generate more business is not important to your wishes.

On the other hand, if you want to generate a cash flow larger, bigger a business and hire employees, developing a short sale virtual business could be for you. A virtual business is not a business “imaginary”; It is one that is scalable and able to double-any appropriate geography. A business can be scalable when staff in place to handle the various tasks required in your business local area, but they are just in a different geography.

Some of the best tools for a virtual business includes several websites, voice mail systems, mail systems developed.

Arrangement and flip market is still profitable today, although we make less money than a few years ago. The key point is to understand that we must be increasingly diligent in calculating the offer. Note, the formulas used to calculate long-term deals with real estate are not at all related to fix and flip formulas, and these offers are usually disastrous for the unwary investor.

Do you have a trusted real estate agent

As in most professions, real estate agents are good and others not so good. To be able to identify each other before any sales process where you need advice, we give some clues:

  1. He knows how and when to negotiate.

Their ability to be a great conversationalist and are potential negotiator. If your real estate agent knows when it is best to launch a negotiation or advises you which way to go, warrants and is able to calm the wildest spirits.

The ease of word consistently is the first track to follow to keep a trusted real estate agent.

  1. It has secret skills

If your real estate specialist apart from having knowledge about processes of sale and all legal formalities you need, has a good eye for interior design, you can effortlessly help you reorganize your home to achieve the perfect sale and transform spaces in a property highly attractive to potential.

In the world of the real estate industry, everyone should know the reputation of the professionals in the guild. Thus, a good realtor has good connections and knows how to exploit them to your advantage. After all, your job is to help you and make you an easier experience in the buying process.