Ways to sell your house or apartment more quickly

How long have you taken your apartment to sell and there is no way? Do not get overwhelmed, because it’s not easy. As in everything, you need to start some tricks that you will see that depersonalize your home and at the same time allow potential buyers when they go to see it living inside.

Do a thorough general cleaning

It’s not about making a quick passage because you’re totally off the floor, but you have to think about the last time you clean your house and that will motivate you to dedicate time and over you will surely find things that you have been missing for a long time.

Depersonalize it

Remove the photos and personal items so that potential buyers can be seen living there, and this is not only achieved with the cleaning of soap and water. Any detail that makes the buyer think that people have lived there and in the feeling of the four walls, less will be seen inside. This is an advantage that the brand new apartments have compared to the second-hand ones but … you can get this vacuum of personal items without having to empty the floor of all the furniture. Maybe this is an advantage you have with your second-hand apartment, because the one who enters can imagine what possibility of furniture and distribution space the house has.

Place a new doormat in the entrance

It is a small detail and very important at the same time, because it is the first thing that the prospective buyer will see of your home, and if it is new and clean your brain suggests the same for the interior of the house, it It is also very economical and certainly … is not very personalized.

Install maximum power bulbs to make your home shine

In addition to giving more space to each room, you can camouflage the fact that one of the rooms is something dark and the light gives life, and where there is life, there is joy, that gives a touch of joy to your home.

Paint the tile joints

It’s cheap and you’ll be surprised at the difference, because it gives the feeling of maximum cleanliness, being all new.

Tips to sell your house faster

Make a good first impression

Are the garden, the driveway and the facade well maintained? Does the whole picture look attractive? What feeling do you have when you come in? Ask these questions to your friends and family.

Do not make unnecessary investments

It is a misconception that an investment in a bathroom renovation or a new kitchen of 30,000 euros will increase the sales price by the same amount. If you ask for a correct price, a buyer will decide for himself whether the renovation of an outdated kitchen or bathroom is necessary in the short term and fits within his budget.

Make necessary “upgrades”

On the other hand, make sure that the electrical installation of your home is in order. Make sure you do not have an outdated boiler, and that you have a certificate of mandatory inspection. Restore that leaking kitchen faucet … Such things have a greater impact on living comfort than a hyper-installed kitchen.

Depersonalize your home

The opinions are divided, but it is generally assumed that when interested buyers visit your home, you give them the opportunity to visualize their own furniture and even lifestyle. They must already see how your house can become their home during the first visit. And that does not work if the house still breathes your lifestyle and taste. Try to approach a neutral, almost impersonal atmosphere. Get family photos from the wall and paint that bright accent wall just white.

Make good photos

Selling a house is something you do online today, with attractive photos. Buyers make a first selection on the internet and they do that on the basis of photos. Therefore, make sure you have good photos that showcase your home. Create high-resolution photos in good weather and with sufficient light. If necessary, call in a professional photographer.

Request a correct price

Request a correct price. Too few questions is simply a pity, because then you lose money. But when your price is too high, you will attract few visitors and buyers. When you start lowering the price of your home a few weeks later, it is very bad for potential buyers.

Sales at the right time

Spring and summer are the favorite seasons to move: people do not like to move in bad weather. Statistically, more houses are bought in spring and summer. Take this into account and offer your home for sale when spring is coming.

Key questions to choose your real estate agent

The sale of your house is probably one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Therefore, it is better to see it as an important project for which you should have the best professional help.

Also, have you considered if, you have time to show the house for sale to all those interested, or do you have access to all the real estate portals? Do you know how to draft a legal contract? Can you make sure that the potential buyer is solvent?

Of course, there are still very professional real estate agencies in Spain, but it is important to pay attention to your needs in order to be able to choose well. We offer you below a list of questions that will help you choose an agent “for you”:

Do you leave a good impression? What is your first impression: Do you like how it treats you? Is it a personal deal and does your home really interest you? Answer your mail, telephone and have an adequate office? Do you work as a team or is it a single person? Do you always deal with the same person, or do all the colleagues of the agency know your property? Can you explain in detail what the steps, contracts etc. consist of? Remember: it is your personal advisor who has to adjust to your needs and therefore, your personal opinion about him / her is worth a lot.

Can you offer an integral service? Not only do I need to show your house. It is much more: you have to value or assess the home (and know how to do it), know the legal issues, make frequent market studies to check the most competitive price for your property, have knowledge of architecture and structures, should be able analyze how visits to the property are for sale, and you must have access to both your own portal and other portals and / or advertising spaces. It should also be able to offer you a high quality photo report and it is preferable that you work with an exchange system with other agencies.

Do you apply marketing tools such as Home Staging? Home Staging is a technique dedicated to the preparation of your home for sale in such a way that it is sold before. It is very logical. If the real estate uses the services of Home Staging, it means that you care about the state of the houses and how the homes in your portfolio are presented. In addition, he has dedicated time and energy to the formation of his team and is aware of the latest trends. If you also use tools such as open door sessions, or social networks to sell your portfolio, you are willing to offer the best services to your clients. By the way, working exclusively with real estate, means you will be much more willing to invest in your home and its sale. You have to value how much you are willing to pay for professionalism.

Is it expensive or is it cheap? The agent’s fee does not say anything about the quality. Neither the most expensive is the best, nor the cheapest the worst. But it’s worth the effort and the result. On the other hand, the publicity to promote a property costs money, like the small investment for the improvement of your home and in general it is the real estate agent who pays it and this is reflected in their fees.

Do you work transparently? Is there a way to find out your sales methodology or your training? Do you always answer your questions? It indicates more the way to answer and how it manages the difficult questions, than the answer itself.

Is it recommended? Ask your neighbors, acquaintances or family for references about this agency. Have you had good (or bad) experiences? And why did you like it?

Is it close? Although it is not necessary that the agency is close to your home, proximity has some advantages. Get to know the neighborhood well and, therefore, the profile of the buyer who usually searches in that neighborhood.

Is it associated? Associated with other agencies, with a known brand, with a federation of real estate agencies, or is it a franchise? It does not have special importance, but in general it means that they have had to go through some quality control.

What kind of promotional actions are you committed to? In what real estate exchanges is your home exposed? What is the investment? How do you get the maximum number of potential buyers? Are they free services or do you have to pay for them?

The set of answers to all these questions will help you to make the right decision with which agency to collaborate. If you collaborate with a professional you can and should be demanding in what you expect from this person. The right professional can be the difference between selling or not selling.

Tips to sell your house or apartment

Here are some tips that will help you prepare and organize a house or apartment for sale. Every seller wants to sell their property quickly and get the best possible price. That’s right, or not? But that does not happen by sheer luck. What transforms a potential buyer into “THE BUYER” is usually the result of careful planning coupled with professional knowledge of how to prepare your home or apartment to turn it into an attractive and salable property.

Consider the following:

  1. Disassociate from the house or apartment. Convince yourself: “This is not my property, it is a property, a product to be sold as a box of chocolate or a can of tuna in the supermarket.” Make the mental decision to “let go” in relation to your emotions and focus on the fact that soon this property will no longer be yours. Imagine yourself delivering the keys of the house to the new owners! Say goodbye to every corner of the house or apartment. Do not look back, look to the future.
  2. Be realistic about the price of your house or apartment. The buyers of today are very attentive to the sales of comparable properties in the same area, those sales of comparable properties are the values ​​that determine the real value of their property. To make the price of your house or apartment competitive , try to get the sale prices of three similar properties that have been sold in your area in the last month, also visit comparable properties in your area and think that buyers will see your house or apartment, you will see the other apartments or houses for sale as well. Then adjust the sale price of your property considering the results obtained from your research. Properties with a realistic price are the ones that get more visits from buyers and, sometimes, even receive multiple offers.
  3. Depersonalize the property. Remove the objects with which potential buyers will not be able to identify themselves. For example: political and religious issues can disconnect or discourage whole groups of buyers, because you cannot “imagine” living in your home or apartment. Buying a house or apartment is an emotional decision, you need potential buyers to visualize your house or apartment as theirs, it is difficult for them with all their personal items such as ornaments and photos marking the territory as their own. The same with colors, if you use styles or colors that you have never chosen, you can disconnect or discourage potential buyers.
  4. Eliminate useless objects. Anything that you have not used in the last year has to go! This may be the hardest advice of all, because those things reflect our memories, hobbies and values, but they do not sell houses or apartments! Disorder makes spaces in houses and apartments seem smaller and more disorganized. If you do not need them, why not donate them or throw them away? Clean everything on the kitchen counters. Put essential items that are used daily in a small box that can be stored in a closet when not in use. Think of this process as a breakthrough in the packaging that you will eventually have to do anyway when moving home.
  5. They say that only one “first impression” can be created, and people usually make their first impression in 30 seconds. The front of your house or apartment is a good place to invest a little time and money; therefore, prepare the outside with fresh paint, sow flowers, carve the bushes and weeds, replace the property numbers if they are damaged. Make sure that visitors can clearly read the number of their house or apartment.
  6. If you do not think about redecorating, it is still essential that your house or apartment is impeccable, make it shine. Hiring a weekly cleaning service, while selling the property, is probably a very good investment. Wash the windows inside and out, clean the cobwebs, caulk the tubs, showers and sinks, polish chrome faucets and mirrors, clean the refrigerator, change the worn carpets, eliminate odors, etc…
  7. Do minor repairs. Do you have a leaky faucet or a broken tile? These would send the wrong message to potential buyers. Getting all problems resolved before putting your house or apartment on the market is a good idea. Repair cracked floor, broken tiles, holes in walls, leaky faucets, fix doors that do not close properly, kitchen drawers stuck, if you have considered replacing a worn bedspread, do it now!
  8. Always keep your pets under control. Try to limit them to a specific area. Although you want your pets, it is not at all sure that potential buyers share this love, and their odors can be offensive, so make sure there are no lingering pet odors on the furniture or on the floor, and if there is , clean them before putting your house or apartment for sale.
  9. Accept offers. Try to get all the relevant information about the buyer to better understand their motivations and position, and their ability to act quickly and ask that their offer be in writing. In the same way, the price you will be willing to accept will depend on market conditions and how fast you need to sell. The commitment of both parties is often the key to concretizing an agreement. Also, determine whether or not you want to take all your furniture, curtains and white goods; since many of these items will not fit into your new home, they could serve as effective negotiation tools in order to get the price you want.
  10. Keep the agreement alive. This is where hard work begins, and the longer it takes to get the exchange of documents, the greater the chances that the agreement will fall apart or that the buyer will reconsider its price to the downside. Then keep in touch with the buyer and / or real estate agent to make sure that the communication channels are always working. You need to always be informed of what the transfer of ownership is, and how the buyer feels about the progress of the operation, you need to know if he is still very motivated, or looking at other property options.

Ways to start investing in real estate

Real estate is one of the most common investments. However, it is not easy to manage in that world, especially if you do not have a good knowledge of the market.

Direct owner

It’s when you buy a property, which can be a house, an apartment, a building and even summer cabins, and other people pay you to live there.

Some enter the market by buying a small apartment building. You must investigate well if the property will give you profits and not rely on the experience as the owner of your home. It is very different.

House flipping

It is when you buy a property at a very good price, almost always because it needs repairs, you take care of them and then sell it at a higher price to make a profit.

It is also not an easy investment, since it represents a risk and requires experience. Partner with an expert. You can contribute the capital and he the experience.

Qualities that a good Real Estate Agent must have

When selling, buying or renting, it is essential to seek the advice of a real estate agent that will lead you to successfully close your negotiation.

A good communicator. It is important that the agent you hire tells you quickly the situation in which you are with your purchase or sale process, to move immediately to another property or with another potential buyer, since the real estate market is sensitive to time.

It is very important that agents stay in contact with their clients, which may seem insignificant information for an agent, who has been in business for years, can be of vital importance to those clients who are new to the game of goods estate.

It is Proactive.  A good agent analyzes the characteristics of the property or of your requirements and initiates an exhaustive search of potential buyers or properties that adjust to what you requested, and keeps you informed of each of your efforts . A good agent does not wait for his clients to call him, rather, he is the first to inform his work step by step.

Know the aspects of the real estate part.If you do not understand a single word of what your real estate agent tells you when you talk to him, you have a big problem. As a client, you have the right to demand that your agent clarify all questions, needs and requests.

A good agent is not only dedicated to “sell”, a real estate agent, fully trained, is ready to advise you in all aspects that involves the sale, purchase or rental of a property, for example, you should know the current prices of sale or rent at the location of your property, in order to advise you if the price is too low, high or is consistent, know the financial and credit, the legal part, etc.

Motivate your customers. Let’s make it easy, if the customer gets a good sale price, the agent gets a better commission, so it is so important to choose one that puts your interests ahead.

Selling or buying property can be stressful and it is vital that the agent makes sure that your client feels supported and satisfied.

Fits the communication needs of their client. E is essential for a good agent will be able to ‘IDENTIFY’ to its customers, for example: some like to keep in touch by email, others prefer a message text or via what Sapp, while others choose calls to know the status of their sale.

It is the responsibility of the agent to determine the appropriate communication method for his clients, in such a way that they do not feel ignored by silence, nor pressured by an excess of communication.

Identify the haste of your clients.Awareness of time is essential to have a good agent / client relationship. If a client needs to sell quickly, the agent must know and must adjust to work in a limited period of time. When there is no hurry to make the sale, the agent can then afford to advise the client to wait for the right moment and get a better price for their property.

Identify the needs of sale or purchase of their customers. –  A good real estate agent always knows the “why” your customers are selling or buying.

Is the client selling a property to buy another one? Do you want to buy a property as an investment? Will you use this property for a while and then remodel it?Etc.

These are situations that must be analyzed. A customer who is selling one of the various commercial properties that he owns has different needs than the one that sells his family home. The agent must identify that difference, to plan their actions based on the situation that is taking place.

Do not be afraid to give your clients’ data as references. The best way to find a good real estate agent is through your previous clients, who serve as a reference. If you are interested in an agent or real estate company in particular and you think that is what you are looking for, ask for references to your clients, the agent may offer your services to a commercial company or a bank, do not hesitate to consult your clients, the way the agent works.

Tips to sell your house

You have inherited a property, you are moving to another site or you simply invested in the purchase of a house at the time of the real estate bubble and now in any case you want to sell it. That is why it is essential to be clear about some factors when putting a home on the market.

Know the real estate market

Keeping up with the price of homes at the time you want to make a sale is a key point. Giving the right value to your house will be decisive when a buyer decides for it. Find out at what price are similar houses to yours and try to set a price that does not exceed the rest too much. The fact that the property is valued by a professional will help to put a price that suits the house and is not exorbitant. Most of the houses for sale go on sale with a value of 35% higher than they should.

Keep the property in good condition

When you are going to sell a home you have to take into account the state of it. Fixing the damage, giving a coat of paint or showing the clean house can be key when closing a sale. Remember that the buyer will first have to enter through the eyes and a good appearance will help make it so. On the other hand, depersonalizing the house is another factor to consider. Remove any personal items, photos, pictures and other objects. The person who buys the house will want to decorate it to their liking.

Lean on an online platform

Today there are online platforms that do the work of selling real estate for you. Websites like help you sell your home in less than what you expect. From the platform they make you an offer in less than 48 hours, if you agree they buy the property assuming the state in which it is. Its team of professionals offers free legal and economic advice, in addition to no management fees. An easy, safe and fast way to sell your home.

Proper documentation and IRPF

Having all papers and writings in order is absolutely necessary. If you want to sell a property you will have to take into account the legal part. Check the mortgage and if there is any debt to pay. You also have to take taxes into account. When you sell a property you are subject to pay income tax since it is a capital gain. However, if the home is sold for less money, it is considered a loss of assets and it will not be necessary to pay taxes. Ask for tax advice on these issues so there are no mistakes.

Legal advice

Finally, once you have found a buyer, make sure that the purchase agreement is correct. Having the advice of a lawyer who can review these issues will make the sale safe and legal.

Tips to sell your house

The most convenient way to sell your apartment is to use a real estate agency. Only the best professionals in the real estate sector can shorten the same period of a flat in our country, which is currently around nine months. If you are also thinking of selling your home, and you still do not know the steps you must take to speed up the process, at Gilmer we can help you. Take note of these ten tips we offer so you can sell your house in record time and at the best price.

Documentation in order

The first step you must take from the moment you make the decision to sell a flat is to gather all the documentation of the home to provide it to the buyer. If you have questions about which documents and writings are necessary or where to find them do not hesitate to consult with us!

Market analysis

The next step to sell a flat is to analyze the current situation of the real estate market to know what kind of buyers it is better to focus on the home you want to put on sale. Based on this analysis you can take the following steps that we will see below, such as setting the price, making reforms, or even adapting a marketing strategy to attract potential buyers.

Fix a price

Now it’s time to choose the price. For this, we will be guided by the state of the real estate market in which we want to sell. It is recommended that the price be set by the market, since a sale price above the housing possibilities could scare away future buyers and lose legitimacy.

Let your agency advice you at all times about the fairest price to sell the house according to the area, type and adjoining offers.

Personalized service

A real estate agency must always offer its customers a totally personalized service. Each home is totally different and that each vendor has its own needs, so we adapt to each project so that the sale of the home is made in the best way and in the shortest possible time.

New technologies

The use of new technologies is very important to accelerate the real estate purchase-sale process.

Time of sale

Adjust the term in which you want to make the sale of the apartment is also a rule of honor of any real estate. Check with your advisor what is the estimated time for the sale of the apartment and keep it in mind at all times throughout the process. Thanks to the changes that the real estate sector has undergone in our country in recent months, these waiting times to formalize the sale of a home are decreasing more and more.

Floor improvements

Let yourself be advised by your real estate agency to adapt the floor to new buyers, making it more attractive. In case it is necessary to make some reform, do not hesitate, since these small investments could increase the value of the house considerably and the net profits will be greater at the time of selling.

Order and cleaning

Once the process of selling the house begins, keep the order and cleanliness on the floor at each visit of the potential buyers. To sell a flat it is more advisable to teach it with furniture and furnishings inside, so that new tenants can get an idea of ​​the available space. Of course, we must also keep the space clear and orderly, so as not to cause the impression that the house is smaller than it really is.

Leave it to the agency

When making visits with potential buyers, always leave it to the agency. It is proven that buyers can be discouraged with housing more easily if the current owner is the one who shows them the house.

Steps to start in the real estate business

To finish the training studies as a real estate agent, can be the perfect excuse to organize a select cocktail as a presentation letter to be known. It will be a nice way to get into the real estate business for a newbie. There are aspects that are learned with time and experience in the profession that are not taught in schools. Five tips to get off to a good start as a real estate agent are:

Have a mentor most experienced agents in the sector agree that the first step of any new agent in the sector, apart from doing a good training program, is to find a good mentor in the profession. Find someone who knows what they are doing, who is successful, and who is willing to teach you. When you have found him, accompany him during his calls to clients, in negotiations or in visits to homes. Observing their way of working will be the best school to start in this market.

Develop a business plan. The first year of entering the real estate, normally you have to dedicate it to laying the foundations. The agent must think of himself as a start-up and develop a business plan for the first week. It will be the roadmap to follow before any problem. The main thing is to set a goal for the first year and schedule activities that help us achieve it. How many contracts of sale will be signed in this exercise? How many contacts will it take to get it? Then design a sales strategy based on the available budget. There are many models and information on the Internet that can help you get there.

Prepare the tools. The tool number 1 in our ‘kit’ real estate agent will be the laptop or the iPad, apart from our smartphone. They are the utensils that are most dependent to keep track of customers, ads and our offers. It will also be very useful to get a customer relationship management software or CRM. CRM should allow automating marketing campaigns and customer tracking efforts. Finally, it will be great to create your own website and ensure that each marketing action redirects the clients to the portal where the properties are announced.

Build a personal brand Regardless of the franchise for which you work, you have to build your career as a professional and show potential clients what you can offer as a professional, even if you are new to the business. According to your personal interests, your academic background, your motivations or your specialty in the business, you have to differentiate yourself. Once you have the name of your personal brand, you have to make business cards, marketing material and website. The most important thing to know is that you have to start thinking about yourself as an entrepreneur in order to start your own business, not as an employee.

Spread the word. Once you have saved the contact information of the people we know, within our ‘sphere of influence’ in the CRM, it is time to publicize our entry into the market, via mail, telephone or social networks. Do not forget personal contact with people in our community or neighborhood.

Recommendations for investing in real estate

Investing in real estate consists of placing the money in real estate that are intimately linked to the land space where they are located inseparably. Additionally, all real estate is registered in the Mercantile Registry or the Land Registry, that is, they enjoy ownership and have the possibility of becoming a mortgage guarantee.

Therefore, the economic benefits derived from investing in real estate start from the possibility that other people pay you for living there or simply that you acquire it with a view to incorporating improvements that generate a considerable increase in the value of purchase.

Some entrepreneurs and business owners enter the real estate market investing in real estate such as a small apartment building, commercial premises, and warehouses, among others. However, in order to guarantee the success of the investment, it is essential that you take into consideration the following recommendations:

Evaluate the location of the property before investing in real estate

When investing in real estate it is necessary that you take into consideration the place where it is located, to ensure that the property has a good accessibility of transport, basic services (water, electricity, telephone, cables, etc.). ), proximity to educational centers, commercial and health establishments, restaurants, among other elements that promote the well-being of the people who will inhabit them.

Pay attention to future projections with which the property has

The value of investment in real estate depends to a large extent on the rate of crime and security in the sector where it is located, as well as the population dynamics, zoning ordinance, property taxes and any other element with an impact in real estate value; because, in this type of investment what increases the value of the property are all the aspects mentioned above.

Worry about investing in profitable real estate

A beautiful property is a great temptation, but if you want to get high economic benefits in the real estate field is preferable to invest in a small downtown apartment, which has little chance of becoming vacant and tends to generate more profitability. Therefore, it is essential to investigate the market to achieve a good knowledge of the supply and demand of real estate, the behavior of these properties in the economy and the opportunities or risks that may arise.

Make projections of the cash flow of investment in real estate

Begin by listing the income that can be obtained either by sale or rental of the property, which must be subtracted: the costs and maintenance costs of the same. Also, it is important to take into account the operating expenses (condominium, electricity, telephone, among others) and cost of debt services (interest) in case it was acquired through a mortgage and possible replacements (change of floors) , sanitary pieces, repair of ceilings, among others), that must be carried out in order to achieve optimum living conditions.

Do the business with the owner himself

When you comply with all the steps above and have the necessary data to support your decision about the investment to be made, which can be a house, an apartment, a building and even summer cabins, you must locate the owner of the property directly, to that you do not run the risk of falling into intermediaries capable of increasing the cost of the transaction.

You already have a clear idea of ​​the recommendations you must follow to invest in real estate and achieve a new source of high profitability income.